Inspection and Surveying

MoraySky can provide a low-cost inspection and surveying options for clients.  This includes inspections of roofs, towers, wind turbines, masts and structures with significant savings over scaffolding.

The inspections can be monitored in real time via the video down link allowing areas of concern to be looked at in a ad hoc basis. The inspections are backed up by video recordings in Ultra High Definition (UHD) or Full HD and as high quality still photographs.

Inspection and Surveying: Inspire 1 carrying out a inspection of roof slates
Inspire 1 carrying out a inspection of roof slates

With the additional propeller guards and long telephoto lens, we can simply and timely check for unwanted vegetation, loose slates and leaks without the need for expensive scaffolding. Such surveys will require a full risk assessment to ensure that the task can be undertaken with no risk to property or people especially members of the public.

Prospective clients should be aware that flying in congested urban areas may be restricted and an on-site will be required to assess whether the task can be safely undertaken. Coordination may be required with neighbouring property owners and roads may need to be temporarily closed. The timing of any inspection will be set to avoid risk to the public including weekend working. No such restrictions apply on private property more than 50m from other properties.

Inspection and Surveying: Detailed roof and gutter inspections
Inspection of roofs and gutters of multi storey buildings in quick and cheaper than expensive scaffolding