MoraySky has invested in advanced equipment to deliver our services to our customers. We operate the sophisticated DJI Inspire 1 remotely piloted aircraft, commonly known as a drone or a quadcopter, for aerial filming and photography and for surveys and inspection work.

DJI Inspire1 with X3 12MB & 4K Camera
DJI Inspire1 with X3 12MB & 4K Camera

The Inspire 1 is fully stabilised using global positioning system (GPS) satellites to provide an ideal platform for aerial videography and photography. It is often described as a tripod in the sky.  Weighing under 3kg, its integrated design allows it to carry 2 types of inter-changeable camera.

The original Zenmuse X3 camera and gimbal is capable of filming video at UHD (4K), FullHD (1080p) and HD (720p) and taking stills up to 12MP. We also have recently released Zenmuse X5 with a larger Micro Four-Thirds (MFT) 16MP sensor with the ability to use a number of lens from wide-angle to telephoto and zoom. It can also record video at UHD, FullHD and HD but with an improve low light performance. Its retractable landing gear allows the camera to move through a full 360 degrees.

The aircraft uses 2 types of high capacity Lithium Polymer (LiPo) intelligent flight batteries given typically between 9 and 15 mins useable flight time.  The LiPo batteries require careful management to ensure safe operations and in flight reliability. Failure to manage the batteries correctly can lead to lose of the aircraft and, if damaged, intense fire.

The Inspire 1 can be operated by a single controller for piloting and camera control or with dual controllers for separate pilot and camera operator.

This Inspire 1 has been modified to add 2 high intensity strobe lights (HISL) – front and back – to aid visual line of sight tracking and as a warning to other aircraft. These are in fact the Lezyne Zecto Pro LED cycle lamps.